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Comfort I Chrome Gray Basket Sliding System for Base Cabinets (Opening: Right side)

Product Dimensions - Width
Interior Dimensions Required - Width
Interior Dimensions Required - Height:

No more searching at the bottom of your cabinets!

Well-organized base cabinet storage is essential for easy access and good ergonomics. Richelieu offers a complete range of products to let you create the ideal storage solution.

Sliding baskets provide complete access in a single motion: the interior of your cabinet comes to you!




Technical specifications 

Installation Left side
Opening Right side
 Interior Dimensions Required - Depth Min. 19 1/8 in
Material  Metal 
Load capacity  24 oz
Product Dimensions- Depth  18 7/8 in
Finish  Gray/chrome 
Soft-stop mechanism  included 
solutions  For base cabinets 
Product Dimensions - Width 9 31/32 in
Interior Dimensions Required - Width Min. 10 3/8 in
Interior Dimensions Required - Height Min. 26 1/8 in