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Free shipping over $100

About RTA kitchen & Bath

First let me welcome you to RTA Kitchen & Bath where we want to help you accessorize and organize your kitchen & bath.

My Name is Ronny and i am the founder & CEO, Growing up I was always interested in business. It’s something that never left my mind I always wanted to create a brand. Something I can have for generations to come that i will be able to pass down to my kids. That drive at a very young age was more than being a business owner it was about making a difference. I wanted to inspire and lead other people on the same journey.


I have always been very tech savvy and always had a vision for creating content so I took my skills online and freshman year in high school I started an online business selling phone cases. I later sold that business and joined the family business, which was the cabinet business.

As I spoke to many people in the cabinet industry I quickly realized the need for accessories and how it can make their life easier and more efficient in the kitchen.


So i started a Pinterest page posting inspirations about kitchen & bath accessories and before you know it i was averaging 1.2M views per month. That’s when i took initiative to start an online store.