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$12 Flat rate shipping or Free shipping over $100

Pull-Out Baskets for Cleaning Products

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Sliding under-sink storage system for cleaning products. Keeps everything in its place!

Bottom mount pull-out is equipped with 3 plastic baskets for storing various cleaning products.

  • The caddy is equipped with a handle for easy transport to wherever you need your products. Rubber pads fixed beneath the caddy protect sensitive surfaces.
  • A small insert allows you to compartmentalize the top basket to hold small items.
  • Keeps under-sink cupboards clean while cleaning product drops and residue remain inside the baskets. Easily remove baskets for cleaning.
  • Bottom mount system provides more freedom; it's an ideal system for under-sink, wide or narrow cabinets.
  • Designed for hinged doors.
  • Equipped with 3/4 extension slides
  • Soft-close mechanism for added comfort.
  •  Maximum load capacity of 12 kg (27 lb).
  • Chrome wire, grey base and baskets.
2 sliding baskets
1 removable basket with handle
6 dividers
1 sponge basket

Technical specifications 


 Product number

Interior Dimensions Required - Depth
Min. 19 1/8 in

Gray, Chrome
Product Dimensions - Depth
18 7/8 in
Product Dimensions - Width
11 3/4 in
Interior Dimensions Required - Width
Min. 12 3/4 in
Interior Dimensions Required - Height
Min. 19 1/8 in
Product Dimensions - Height
18 7/8 in
Under-Sink Cabinets