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Pull-Out Hamper with Synchronized Slides

Product Dimension - Width
Cabinet Width
Bin quanity

These pull-out hampers now feature synchronized slides.

This system offers two ventilated bins of 33 L (8.7 gal), one blue and one white, to let you sort colors and whites.
- Each 33 L (8.7 gal) bin is equipped with a handle on each side for easy handling.
- The 23 5/8 in (600 mm) version, #3271603, also features a 2.5 L (0.66 gal) bin, as well as a 12 L (3.17 gal) bin with a lid, perfect for multiple uses.
- Equipped with overextension synchronized slides for easy access to back bin.
- 145 lb (70 kg) load capacity.
- An internal fixed lid provides additional storage.

Technical specifications 

 Product Dimension - Height Min. 21 1/2 in
Finish  white
Interior Dimensions Required: Height
Min. 548 in
Product Dimensions - Depth
Min. 20 3/4 in
Load capacity 
Max. 154 lb
Laundry Basket 
Soft-closing Mechanism