Comparing Cabinet Pulls and Knobs: Pros and Cons in 2023

Comparing Cabinet Pulls and Knobs: Pros and Cons in 2023


Are you looking for a way to add both style and function to the cabinets in your home? Today, more than ever before, homeowners have many different options when it comes to cabinet pulls and knobs. With so many choices available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which ones are best suited for your specific project. In this blog post, we'll compare cabinet pulls and knobs in 2023, while delving into their benefits and drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision. Keep reading to find out what type of hardware is right for your cabinets!


Grip and Accessibility

Cabinet pulls are an excellent choice when it comes to designing and outfitting your cabinetry. They offer a broader surface area, making them easier to grip compared to knobs, especially for individuals with mobility issues or arthritis. Those who may find it difficult to apply enough force or strength to grip a small knob can benefit from the larger surface area provided by cabinet pulls. Additionally, cabinet pulls are less likely to slip from soapy hands when wet, which is known to happen often in the kitchen and bathrooms. With their user-friendly design, cabinet pulls provide the necessary support and convenience to make cabinetry more accessible for everyone.

Usage in Different Cabinet Types

Cabinetry can be a defining feature in any home - the style, color, and finish all contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space. While pulls and knobs may seem like a small detail, they can make a big impact on the functionality of your cabinets. When considering which type of cabinet is ideal for pulls or knobs, it's important to think about ease of use. Drawers are typically more convenient with pulls, as they provide a better grip to open and close the drawer. Doors, on the other hand, can be more suited for knobs as they can be opened with a simple twist. Tall cabinets can vary in their ideal hardware; some may require pulls to assist in opening while others may benefit more from the simplicity of knobs. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and the functionality of your space. Choosing the right hardware can elevate your cabinets and make a big difference in the usability of your kitchen or bathroom.


Installation and Maintenance

When updating your cabinets, one factor to consider is the ease of installation of cabinet pulls versus knobs. Installing knobs may seem like the easier option since there's no need to drill additional holes, but it's important to consider alignment issues. With pulls, you only need to install two screws and align them accordingly. On the other hand, knobs require precise placement to ensure they are perfectly straight. Additionally, cabinet pulls have a larger surface area, making them easier to grasp and pull open. Regarding cleaning and maintenance, the ease depends on the specific design, material, and surface area of the hardware. Knobs can be easier to clean since there are no crevices for dirt or grime to accumulate. However, if a pull has a smooth surface, it's easier to wipe down and maintain its shine. Ultimately, it's important to consider both installation and maintenance when choosing between cabinet pulls and knobs.


Versatility and Design Flexibility

  • Mixing and matching 

Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, a place where meals are prepared and shared with loved ones. For many, the design of the kitchen is just as important as the functionality. A simple way to add a touch of customization and personality to a kitchen is through the use of pulls and knobs on cabinets and drawers. By using a combination of both pulls and knobs, homeowners have a unique opportunity for design flexibility. For example, using knobs on upper cabinets and pulls on lower cabinets can create a striking visual contrast. Additionally, different styles and materials of pulls and knobs can be mixed and matched for a truly one-of-a-kind look. It's amazing how just a few small details can make such a big impact in a kitchen design.

  • Adaptability to Different Designs

One of the best things about these hardware pieces is their adaptability to a wide range of design styles and trends. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, there are cabinet pulls and knobs that will complement your design perfectly. With options in materials like brass, pewter, and ceramic, as well as a range of shapes and sizes, these versatile pieces can be used to add a subtle touch of elegance or make a bold design statement. So no matter what your personal style may be, you can find the perfect cabinet pulls and knobs to reflect your unique taste and bring your vision for your space to life.


what size cabinet pulls should i use?

Choosing the right size cabinet pulls may seem like a small decision, but it can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Generally speaking, larger pulls are better suited for larger cabinets and drawers, while smaller pulls work well on smaller pieces. However, there are other factors to consider as well, such as the height of your cabinets, the style of your home, and your own personal preferences. Ultimately, the decision is yours, so take the time to explore different options and experiment until you find the perfect fit for your space.


How to measure cabinet pulls?

When it comes to choosing the right cabinet pulls for your home, size matters. There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from as small as 2 inches to as large as 12 inches or more. But how do you know which size is right for your cabinets? One important factor to consider is the size of your cabinet doors and drawers. Larger doors and drawers often look best with larger pulls, while smaller cabinets may benefit from smaller pulls to avoid overwhelming the space. Additionally, it's important to consider the overall style aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom. Sleek, modern cabinets may call for smaller, minimalist pulls, while rustic or traditional cabinets may benefit from larger, more ornate pulls. Ultimately, the size of your cabinet pulls should be a balance between form and function, adding both visual interest and practicality to your space.


Should cabinet pulls all be the same size?

There are few things that can make or break the aesthetic of a room quite like details. Focusing on the smaller aspects of your design can really fine-tune the overall look and feel. One aspect that is often overlooked, yet can have a big impact, is the size of your cabinet pulls. You might be surprised to learn that this can be a controversial topic among designers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Some argue that uniformity is key, while others swear by mixing it up. The best advise we can give you is to go with one consistent size.

What cabinet hardware finishes are in style ? 

When it comes to revamping your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, selecting the perfect hardware is key to achieving an overall polished look. So, what cabinet hardware finishes are currently in style? Sleek and modern finishes like brushed nickel and chrome are still some of the most popular choices on the market. They're perfect for creating a contemporary feel in any space. You can also add a pop of warmth to your cabinetry with antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. These finishes are perfect if you're going for a more rustic or traditional look. Ultimately, the hardware you choose should reflect your individual style and complement the overall aesthetic of your home. So, whether you prefer bold and modern, or timeless and classic, there are hardware finishes out there to suit your unique taste. A finish that is becoming more and more popular among homeowners is gold finished hardware. Gold gives a strong bold/rich look to your kitchen appearance and has been a go to for many.


Amerock hardware 

Amerock hardware is a brand that has earned a reputation for producing high-quality cabinet and door hardware. Their products range from knobs and pulls to hinges and catches, ensuring that homeowners and designers have a wide variety of options to choose from. Amerock has been in business for over 90 years, and this experience is evident in the craftsmanship of their hardware. Their attention to detail means that their products not only look good, but they also function smoothly and are built to last. If you're in the market for cabinet or door hardware, Amerock is definitely a brand to keep in mind.

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