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Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2024: Hottest Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2024: Hottest Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Are you ready to transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets into stylish and functional spaces? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the hottest cabinet hardware trends for 2024 that will elevate the look of your cabinets and make them the envy of all your friends and family.

Matte black finishes

Matte black cabinet hardware is the latest trend in kitchen design that adds a touch of elegance to any space, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. This unique style offers a smooth and sleek appearance that can enhance different kitchen styles. Whether you have a minimalistic or traditional look, matte black hardware is versatile, adding character and sophistication to your cabinets. Its appeal lies in its beauty and versatility and is the perfect accessory to spruce up your kitchen cabinets. Embrace this trend, and you'll have a space that is both modern and timeless.


Streamlined Minimalism

Contemporary kitchen designs have become a staple in modern households, and this year minimalistic and sleek cabinet hardware designs are anticipated to be at the forefront. These understated choices with clean lines will give your kitchen a more uncluttered appearance and a dash of elegance. Minimalistic hardware designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as they do not attract as much dust and smudges as their intricate counterparts. The beauty of minimalistic and sleek hardware can be accentuated by pairing it with neutral tones and muted colors, making your kitchen an inviting space for cooking and entertaining. So, if you’re looking for a style statement for your kitchen, these hardware designs might just be the perfect fit.


Statement Handles

When designing your dream kitchen, it's important to consider every detail - including cabinet handles. Choosing oversized, bold, and unique handles can elevate your kitchen design, turning your cabinets into the focal point of the room. Whether you opt for statement-making brass or quirky geometric shapes, these handles are sure to catch the eye of everyone who enters your kitchen. Plus, they're an easy way to add personality and flair to a space that can often feel sterile or uninspired. So why settle for boring handles when you can make a bold statement with your cabinet hardware?


Gold and brass Accents

There's no denying that warm metallic finishes like gold and brass have a way of making any space feel a little more luxurious. And in the kitchen, where we spend so much time preparing meals and entertaining guests, a touch of elegance is always welcome. That's why it's no surprise that these finishes are expected to continue their popularity, especially when paired with sleek, modern cabinets. But it's not just the metallic finishes that are getting attention - the hardware itself is taking on new forms. Geometric shapes, like hexagons or squares, are becoming more and more popular for cabinet hardware, adding a touch of visual interest to an area that's often overlooked. Together, these trends create a kitchen that's both functional and beautiful, with just the right amount of personality.


Rustic and Farmhouse Styles

Are you tired of your sterile, modern kitchen? Maybe it's time to bring in some rustic charm with cabinet hardware that has a weathered and distressed finish. This style is perfect for achieving that welcoming and cozy feel that comes with a farmhouse aesthetic. With a variety of options available, you can easily mix and match different finishes to create a personalized, eclectic look. Imagine opening your cabinets and drawers with antique brass handles that have a patina finish, or sliding open a barn door with a wrought iron latch. These small touches can make a big difference in transforming your kitchen into a warm and inviting space.


Appliance-Matching Hardware

Have you ever walked into a kitchen, only to feel like something is out of place? Perhaps the cabinet hardware doesn't quite match the appliances, creating a jarring effect on the eyes. Luckily, appliance-matching hardware solves this issue and allows for a coordinated and sleek look. By choosing cabinet hardware that matches the finish of your appliances, such as stainless steel or black, you can create a seamless flow within the kitchen. This not only looks great, but it also shows attention to detail, making your space appear more refined and put-together. So why settle for a mismatched kitchen when appliance-matching hardware can create a cohesive and polished appearance?

What cabinet hardware finishes should you consider ?

When it comes to giving your cabinets a makeover, choosing the right hardware finish can make all the difference. Let's break down which finishes are most popular and ones you should consider.


  1. Matte black:  Matte black finishes are sleek and modern. They provide a sharp contrast against lighter cabinet surfaces and can create a contemporary and edgy look. This finish is versatile and can complement various kitchen styles, from industrial to minimalist.
  2. Gold:  Gold finishes, such as polished gold or brushed gold, can add a touch of glamour and opulence to your kitchen. They work well in contemporary and traditional designs and can serve as eye-catching focal points.
  3. Brushed nickel:  Brushed nickel has a softer, satin-like finish. It's a popular choice for transitional and modern kitchens. It's resistant to fingerprints and water spots, making it a practical option.
  4. Polished chrome:  Polished chrome offers a shiny and reflective surface that can make your kitchen feel bright and contemporary. It works well with a variety of color schemes and adds a touch of sophistication to your cabinets.

Types of cabinet hardware 

  • Handles/Pulls: Handles, also known as pulls, are typically longer and extend horizontally from the cabinet surface. They provide a convenient grip for opening and closing cabinets. They come in various shapes and styles, such as bar pulls, arch pulls, and more.
  • Knobs: Knobs are smaller, often circular, and protrude from the cabinet surface. They are commonly used on cabinet doors and drawers and are available in an array of designs, from simple round knobs to decorative shapes.
  • Hinges: Hinges allow cabinet doors to pivot or swing open and closed. They come in various configurations, including concealed, butt hinges, and European-style hinges.
  • Latches and Catches: These are used to keep cabinet doors securely closed. Magnetic catches, roller catches, and ball latches are common types.
  • Backplates: Backplates are decorative plates that can be used in combination with knobs or pulls. They add an extra layer of style to the cabinet hardware.

Why consider Amerock hardware ? 

If you're looking to update your home with stylish and high-quality hardware, Amerock should be at the top of your list. Their range of styles and finishes is impressive, from classic to modern, and everything in between. They also offer hardware for cabinets, drawers, and doors, so you can match your entire home seamlessly. When it comes to quality, Amerock delivers. Their hardware is durable and built to last, so you don't have to worry about frequent replacements. And with easy-to-follow installation instructions, you can have your new hardware up and ready in no time. If you want to give your home a fresh new look, consider Amerock hardware - you won't be disappointed.


Can you mix hardware finishes in kitchen ?

Designing a kitchen can be an exciting experience, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the details. One common question that arises is whether or not you can mix hardware finishes in the kitchen. The answer is yes – with a few guidelines. Mixing hardware finishes can actually add a unique and dynamic look to your kitchen. However, it is important to stick to a color palette and avoid using too many finishes that clash with each other. For example, you might have silver hardware for the oven and refrigerator and gold hardware for the cabinet handles and sink fixtures. This creates a modern and chic look that pulls together all aspects of the kitchen. So go ahead – mix and match to create a space that reflects your personal style.


should I choose cabinet knobs or pulls?

When it comes to giving your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a facelift, choosing the right hardware is key. Cabinet knobs and pulls are two popular options, but which one should you choose? It really depends on your personal style and practical needs. Knobs are typically smaller and can give a classic, elegant look to your cabinets. Pulls, on the other hand, are larger and provide more grip, making them easier to use for those with arthritis or other hand conditions. One thing to consider with pulls, though, is that they may be slightly more expensive than knobs. Ultimately, both choices have their pros and cons, so consider which one suits your aesthetic and needs best. And if you're really indecisive, why not use both? Mixing and matching knobs and pulls can add visual interest and create a unique look.


Cabinet Pulls (Pros and Cons):


  1. Easier Grip: Cabinet pulls provide a longer and more substantial grip, making them especially easy to use for individuals with dexterity issues or arthritis.
  2. Versatility: Pulls come in various sizes and styles, allowing for customization to match the overall design of your cabinets and room.
  3. Minimal Fingerprints: Pulls often leave fewer fingerprints and smudges on the cabinet surface compared to knobs.
  4. Modern Look: Contemporary cabinet pulls can create a sleek, modern appearance in your kitchen or bathroom.


  1. Cost: Cabinet pulls can be more expensive than knobs, especially for larger or designer styles.
  2. Limited Placement: Pulls may have limited placement options on smaller cabinet doors or drawers due to their size.
  3. Maintenance: Pulls may require more frequent cleaning, especially for models with intricate designs or textures.
  4. Interference: Some long cabinet pulls can interfere with other elements in the kitchen, like adjacent appliances or fixtures.

Cabinet Knobs (Pros and Cons):


  1. Cost-Effective: Knobs are generally more affordable than pulls, making them a budget-friendly choice for cabinet hardware.
  2. Space-Saving: Knobs are a suitable option for smaller cabinet doors or drawers where a larger pull might not fit comfortably.
  3. Timeless Appeal: Classic round or simple designs offer a timeless and versatile look that can complement various kitchen styles.
  4. Easy Cleaning: Knobs are easy to clean and maintain, as they have fewer crevices and surfaces for dirt and grime to accumulate


  1. Less Grip: Knobs provide a smaller, less ergonomic grip, which might be less convenient for people with hand mobility issues.
  2. Limited Design Options: While there are various knob designs available, they may offer less versatility in terms of style compared to pulls.
  3. More Prone to Smudging: Knobs are more likely to accumulate fingerprints and smudges since they require direct contact.
  4. May Require More Effort: Opening larger or heavier cabinets with knobs can require more effort compared to using pulls, which offer a longer handle for leverage.

Take away 

With the emerging cabinet hardware trends in 2024, it is clear that the number of amazing cabinet hardware ideas are endless. Not only can you find something unique and timeless, these trends provide limitless potential for creativity and flair. Whether it's a Cabinet Handle Bar in Burnished Bronze, a Hexagonal Glitter Knob in Green Earth Tones, or a Crossbar Pull Handle with an Antique Finish, each set of trends provide an incredible mix of attractiveness and functionality that homeowners should take advantage of. Don't forget all the options available with cabinet hinges too! If you’re looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift for 2024 but don’t know where to begin – start by exploring cabinet hardware trends and their stunning features – we guarantee you will be impressed. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up your kitchen or bathroom game and dive into the ocean of new cabinet hardware trend possibilities! If you would like to explore the world of cabinet hardware then check out 

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