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Please email before ordering to make sure items are in stock.
Choosing cabinet hardware

Choosing the Proper and Unique Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet hardware is both for aesthetic and functional purposes. There are various styles in choosing cabinet hardware, which will keep your cabinet on top of the shape. This article will help you figure out the importance of having the right and unique cabinet hardware ideas. Cabinet handles for the kitchen and the value you can get to choose the proper cabinet hardware. Based on how it looks and its functionality, which will help you in building or rebuilding and purchasing the best kitchen cabinet hardware.


Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

There are plenty of options in choosing cabinet knobs, like a rounded or squared edge. Knobs are most likely not costly and efficient to install, which suits a more traditional kitchen style. On the other hand, pulls differ in various lengths that serve a more contemporary style. The standard length for pulls between three and four inches. In finding unique drawer or cabinet pulls, one of the best considerations is the size. Pulls are mainly positioned vertically on cabinets and horizontal manner on the drawers.

Rounded and squared cabinet knobs


The current trend for kitchen cabinet hardware ideas is both having cabinet handles, mainly pulls and knobs, are present. Like pulls can be used on a cabinet, while knobs are on the drawers. In terms of selecting the right style that is practical and to have a good-looking kitchen. Make sure that the cabinet hardware fits your desired kitchen style. The following are the factors you should consider in finding unique cabinet handles for your kitchen.


Bar pulls

If your desire to have your kitchen in a contemporary style, the best choice is bar pulls. It is in straight lines, or curved barrel handles, most likely used in a shaker kitchen. Also, it provides twisting on a more traditional door.


stainless steel cabinet bar pulls


Bin pulls, or cup pulls.

It is described as an upside-down, cup-shaped pull that provides a more vintage style and ambiance to your kitchen. It is more likely combined with little knobs around your kitchen cabinet. Also, it offers a more convenient, relax, and casual aura to your kitchen.


Contrasting skills are required to finish your cabinet hardware style. It is better to contrast the colors the fit your desired kitchen style. Like, if you have a darker cabinet, you should combine it with lighter cabinet hardware. And, if your cabinet has a lighter color, combine it with darker cabinet hardware color. Also, you are free to choose which style you would prefer, whether a traditional type to contemporary or modern type of style.



In a traditional type of kitchen, chrome or brushed nickel is mostly the favorite. If you have a chrome faucet, it is better to pair it with black, pewter, or dark bronze for your unique cabinet hardware. It is the contrasting color that you combined with looking and feeling the traditionally.


Contemporary or Modern

In a contemporary or modern look of a kitchen, brass cabinet hardware is suiting for it. It can look like luxurious or jewelry cabinet hardware. By that, it seems so fancy and a very modernized looking and feeling of your kitchen.


After knowing the possible option or the unique kitchen cabinet ideas, you could choose that suits the kitchen style you want to achieve. Consider the factors you need to determine and figure out the proper cabinet hardware for your kitchen. The following are the tips for you to be guided accordingly:


Choose If You Want a Knob or Pull

You can freely choose which would you prefer to put on your cabinets. It is up to your preferences of style and desired outcome of your kitchen look. But, most likely, knobs are used for all the doors, and pulls are for drawers. If you have to have a pantry or any pull-out doors, obviously use pulls since it makes a drawer more accessible if you use a pull. Pulls are essential on drawers since drawers carry heavy loads like kitchen utensils, such as pans, pots, dishes, etc. You can choose which you prefer is it only knobs or pulls. The use of cabinet knobs is most likely to have the traditional style while using drawer pulls will give your kitchen room a contemporary look and feels, yet it is also seen in all traditional kitchens. Besides, it would be best to consider deciding the use of pulls on how they will be mounted. Remember to use a horizontal position if you want a contemporary style for your drawers and a vertical position for doors.


Decide If You Want Squared or Curved

Consider your cabinet style: a countertop edge, lighting fixtures, and any detail of your cabinet's elements-part of having a unique kitchen cabinet hardware consistent with its types of the line design. Take note that square-style hardware can be in a round shape, which has a contemporary style. In comparison, the curved style has softer edges, which have a traditional or transitional style. Examples of square-style hardware are shaker, flat panel, or modified shaker door. The curved style examples are classic raised panel doors, pillow-top doors with ogees, and additional beads. Those are the few unique kitchen cabinet hardware ideas that you can choose.


Consider the Finish

There are still plenty of available finishes that add up interest to your kitchen expectations in the midst of deciding whether to use brushed nickel or chrome. It is not necessary to match it to your faucet, as long as the finish you choose complements your other finishes designed in your kitchen. Different finishes combined with brushed nickel or brushed stainless faucet, and the colors may vary, such as light or dark bronze, antique pewter, satin brass, aluminum, rush, and black matte. But note that the finishes that go well with chrome have limited colors, such as black, dark bronze, pewter, clear glass, or white.


Think about the Comfort

If you purchase kitchen cabinet hardware preferably, it is better to shop walk-in and not through online shopping since you have to try out the knob or pull before buying it. You must touch and feel it, like fit your hand on it or inside the pull. If you are comfortable with it, it feels nice and does not cram your fingers or feel sharp around the edges. Being comfortable with the knobs or pulls you purchase is what matters. Since purchasing uncomfortable cabinet handles can be annoying or irritable since a kitchen is a place where you can be so busy preparing food. Therefore, it is best to be comfortable with the things you daily use, and the kitchen area is the most crucial part of the house since you deal with foods so, it must be organized.


Examine the Cost

There is no problem with having a high standard for your kitchen style and unique cabinet hardware. Be vigilant in choosing which suits your expectations. It is essential to examine the cost before purchasing, by that you can see to it that the price is worth the quality of the product. Keep in mind that you get what you pay most of the time because most of the excellent quality cabinet hardware is expensive, but it lasts longer. Pulls and nob's prices are more likely based on its finish and design, like a solid stainless or bronze is much more expensive, and a long drawer pulls in more costly because it is made of more materials. Whatever you choose to have in your kitchen cabinets or drawers, remember to put some extras because there are some cases where screws would break, or the finish will rub off. There are many available options, and there are many styles to choose from that suit your budget.


The best cabinet hardware is accessible or comfortable to use, functional, good-looking, and should complement your kitchen's preferred style and not destroy its aura. It takes being innovative and practical at the same time. Innovative according to choosing the type of your kitchen and practical in the sense that your cabinet hardware functions and cost suit your needs.


Cabinet hardware is like jewelry in the home kitchen. So, it must coordinate with your preferred style, have comfortability in using it, and enhance or update it if it is too old already. Therefore, before buying, you must be mindful and vigilant, do your research and inquiries. Do the canvass on good quality cabinet hardware like pulls and knobs, and check finishes with your given kitchen materials at home to get the perfect match for your cabinet hardware. Following these guidelines aside from your dream kitchen comes into reality, you can save your money and make it an extra if there are possible updates or changes on your kitchen cabinet hardware. Achievement of your dream kitchen style takes much time and effort, but it will be worth it after all.


Amerock hardware for cabinets

Amerock is a well-known company for producing functional and luxury hardware. Functional design, with an emphasis on affordability are what they strive to provide every customer who purchases their products. Amerock is a company that offers many finishes and styles. They have everything you need to spruce up your kitchen cabinets. 

Amerock is a popular brand for kitchen cabinets. The company offers many styles and finishes to choose from, including the beautiful oil-rubbed bronze color. Amerocks' extensive line up includes everything you need! From modern farmhouse or coastal inspired designs all of way through rustic ranch ergonomic handles with soft curves at your fingertips - there's something perfect waiting just around every corner..


Richelieu cabinet hardware

Richelieu offers you a selection of cabinet hardware in the widest offering. You can choose from finishes and materials that vary to match your style or taste, as well as designing combinations for an even more customized look. Richelieu cabinet hardware is an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds. They offer high-quality products with affordable prices, which means you can buy more than one thing without breaking your budget.



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