Comprehensive Guide to Selecting and Positioning Cabinet Hardware

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Choosing the right cabinet hardware requires a balance of style and functionality. This thorough guide provides insights to assist you in making informed decisions that enhance the look of your cabinets and kitchen as a whole.

Choosing Between Knobs and Pulls:

1. All Knobs; Perfect for those who appreciate a touch to their cabinets. Knobs are discreet letting other design features shine.

2. All Pulls; Comes with benefits in terms of accessibility. Pulls are generally easier to grip making them ideal, for individuals with hand strength. Their diverse designs also offer room for style.

3. Combination Approach; Mixing knobs and pulls can enhance both functionality and aesthetics. For an appearance try using knobs on cabinets and pulls on lower ones. Alternatively opt for knobs, on doors. Pulls on drawers to distinguish between storage types.

Special Considerations for Double Stacked Cabinetry:

When you have kitchen cabinets stacked on top of each other it's best to use knobs on the cabinets. This not only keeps everything looking nice. Also makes it simpler to reach for things.

Sizing Your Hardware:

  • Knobs: Generally, a 1-1/4" knob is versatile for most cabinets. If you prefer a more minimalist or significant statement, adjust the size accordingly.
  • Pulls: Consistency in pull sizes maintains a cohesive look. The recommended size for pulls is at least 3-3/4" from center to center, which provides a balance between style and functionality. For larger drawers, consider single pulls that are roughly one-third the length of the drawer for a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Installation Insights:

  • Doors: The placement of knobs and pulls can vary based on the door style. For paneled doors, aligning knobs with the frame edge or slightly offset can enhance the door's appearance.
  • Drawers: The positioning of hardware on drawers should consider both aesthetics and functionality. Centering knobs or pulls on the drawer face is standard, but adjustments may be necessary based on the specific use and drawer size.


Ensuring that your cabinet hardware maintains a size is crucial, for achieving an harmonious look. This method simplifies the design phase. Guarantees that all aspects of your cabinetry blend seamlessly and in proportion. Keeping the hardware sizes consistent also promotes a cleaner and more organized ultimately elevating the ambiance of the area. Moreover it prevents any chaos that could arise from using varying sizes resulting in a visually appealing design overall.

Appliance pulls

Appliance pulls are specifically designed for integrated appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and panel-ready freezers that blend into cabinetry. These pulls are larger and more robust than standard cabinet pulls, equipped with stronger mechanisms to handle the additional weight and frequent use of appliance doors. By using appliance pulls, you can maintain a cohesive look across your kitchen, ensuring that even the functional parts of your appliances match the style and elegance of your cabinetry. This uniformity helps in creating a seamless and professional kitchen design.

Where to install cabinet hardware ?

Properly installing cabinet hardware is essential, for both functionality and appearance. Here are some general tips;

Doors; When dealing with doors align the knob or pull with the edge of the frame for a touch or slightly offset it for a more traditional look. For slab doors position the hardware equidistant from the top and side of the door.

Drawers; For paneled drawers make sure to center the hardware within the panel. When it comes to slab drawers aim to position the hardware in the center for drawers and near the top, for drawers to ensure ease of use and maintain visual harmony.

By following these guidelines you can ensure that your cabinet hardware not enhances the appearance but also offers optimal functionality and comfort during use.

Choosing cabinet hardware may feel overwhelming at first. By taking a factors into account you can discover the perfect pieces to match your cabinets and improve the practicality of your kitchen or bathroom. Here's a helpful guide to steer you in the direction;

1. Style

Firstly consider the style of your cabinets and kitchen space. Do you lean towards aesthetics. Embrace a more contemporary look? Traditional designs often pair nicely with knobs or cup pulls while modern cabinets can be complemented by bar pulls finger pulls or concealed pulls.

2. Functionality

Next think about how you intend to use the hardware. Knobs work well for drawers and cabinets whereas pulls provide a grip, for larger ones. You might also want to contemplate using knobs or pulls on drawers for both symmetry and ease of opening.

3. Finishing Touches

When it comes to finishes cabinet hardware offers an array of choices like chrome, nickel, brass, white options. Your chosen finish should harmonize with elements in your kitchen such, as faucets, appliances and sinks.

4. Proportionate Size

It's essential that the size of your chosen hardware complements the size of your cabinets and drawers proportionately.When selecting pulls for your drawers or cabinets a good rule of thumb is to opt for ones that're one third of the width of the drawer or cabinet. As, for knobs starting with a diameter between 1 to 1.5 inches is recommended.

Amerock, a cabinet hardware brand in the United States offers a range of styles, finishes and sizes to cater to different preferences. Here are some key points to consider when looking at Amerock cabinet hardware;

Amerock provides an array of styles ranging from traditional to designs. Their selection includes finishes like chrome, nickel, brass, black and white. Amerocks hardware comes in sizes suitable for any cabinet or drawer. The brand is recognized for its quality and durable products.With such a range, from Amerock you can easily find the ideal cabinet hardware to complement your kitchen or bathroom decor. You can explore their collection online. Visit a hardware store.

Once you've considered these factors, you'll be well on your way to choosing the perfect cabinet hardware for your needs. For even more information and inspiration, check out the Resource Center at