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How to Choose Your Best Cabinet Hardware

It must be exciting to finally be able to build your own home after the long time you've saved up for it. You sure took a lot of time and effort to achieve the almost done house that you planned very well. And while you think everything is going according to your plan, you forget that you still need to buy the complete cabinet hardware for it.

Cabinet Hardware doesn't always receive the right amount of attention it needs. Many people don't know how important it is to buy only the right knobs and pulls, which is why everything can go wrong afterwards.

However, since you are here, no worries! This article will help you how to pick cabinet hardware so you won't have to go through the hassle of its complexity.

Know the Types of Cabinet Hardware

The first step on how to choose cabinet hardware is to know the types of it. Just like how you pick fresh and green vegetables in the market, you'll need to identify which are which when it comes to cabinet hardware.


While you're at it, you should also decide either to use all pulls, all knobs, or could be a combination of both. You may say that "Oh it's just a knob, or it's just a pull", but not until you can't open your cabinet anymore. Basically, knobs and pulls enable easy and fast access towards cabinets, just like how doors work.

Imagine your door not having a knob. How can you open it quickly, especially when you're in a hurry; How can you lock it to ensure security; You might even consider removing the door without a knob because it's becoming a brick of inaccessibility. And that's how it works on the cabinet too.

Get to Know Knobs

As you may already know or may have seen, knobs are small, less expensive handles used as handles in cabinets and drawers. It is easier to install it than the pull because it requires only one screw to secure it on the surface of the cabinet. So if you are planning depending on a smaller budget, knobs could be a perfect idea.


Get to Know Pulls

Pulls are those larger than knobs, it makes a lot more statements, and it tends to be easy to get a hold on to. While they are more expensive, they are usually more worth it considering the wide range of sizes. Pulls are the best for drawers and more extensive cabinets because of their sophisticated linear shape.

Choose a Complimenting Style

Of Course, you can't just buy a handle that doesn't even compliment the cabinet. In choosing the proper cabinet hardware, you will need to look at the styles they offer, especially if it meets your preferences. The proper Hardware will typically guide you in what knobs and pulls to choose, which, aside from saving you the hassle, could also help you save money for certainty.

Please take a look at your space and see what style fits it the most. Knobs and pulls should meet the theme of your home interiors. For example, modern cabinets usually have clean lines and strict edges on them. Do not ever be afraid to explore styles, especially when you can do it for free.

Choose your Finish

That's right, this is a "How to Choose Cabinet Hardware '' article, but it can also be "How to choose a Finishing" because it's a part of it. Did you know that cabinet hardware works the best when it's finished and raises the contractility of your home? So it is crucial to consider the colours of your appliances, including your cabinets and drawers.

Shop at the Most Recommended Store

There are many hardware's offering knobs and pulls for your cabinets at home, but since anyone would like to be sure about such things, we recommend a store which will be perfect for you.


So, for more information about knobs and pulls and the different finishes available on the field, you can take a look and shop at It is a great store that offers a variety of cabinet hardware with brands just like Richelieu and Amerock. RTAKB ensures excellent help to every homeowner on how to choose cabinet hardware.

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