how to pick kitchen cabinet hardware

how to pick kitchen cabinet hardware


So you have been stressed about picking cabinet hardware and don’t know where to start or where to look in this guide we teach you how to pick cabinet hardware and if it should match the rest of the accessories in the kitchen.


Does cabinet hardware have to match faucet

No, the cabinet hardware does not have to match your faucet but most people will match the finish of the cabinet hardware whether it’s cabinet pulls or cabinet knobs to keep a consistent look across the entire kitchen.

As you can see in this kitchen customer choose a brushed nickel finish for everything. The faucet and cabinet pulls are all finished in brushed nickel and gives the kitchen a consistent look.



Are cabinet pulls standard size

Cabinets pulls come in many sizes depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Most homeowners choose one size for the cabinet doors and a slightly bigger sizes for drawers which gives a better look since drawers are usually longer in width. 


Cabinet pulls ranges in sizes as follows

1. 128 mm or 5 1/16 in

2. 96mm or 3 3/4 in

3. 192 mm or 7 9/16.etccc

what are the best cabinet hardware brands

When it comes to selecting cabinet hardware many people get to overwhelmed looking for the right brands. Many cabinet hardware brands offer similarly pulls and knobs but we did the Research and partnered up with brands like Amerock hardware and Richelieu hardware which both offer many different types of styles and finishes of cabinet pull and cabinet knobs.  Some people like black hardware, satin nickel or champagne bronze finishes. We offer all these options on our website which you can check out here

Best from our website

1. Amerock hardware

2. Richelieu Hardware


how much are cabinet pulls

There is no set price for cabinet pulls since they come in many different styles and finishes which dictates the price based off what collection of pulls you are looking for. The cabinet hardware on our site come in packs of 10 of Amerock and Richelieu hardware. 



cabinet knobs black

Are you're in love with black cabinet knobs? Well you are not the only person I personally love black cabinet hardware. Mostly because black hardware gives a rich and bold look on cabinets. My favorite color combinations are white cabinets and black knobs or pulls. Let me show you a few of my favorite black knobs that will go well with a white kitchen.

Amerock factor cabinet pull in black


EXCEED Amerock knob in black
Amerock APPOINT collection in matte black

Are knobs or pulls better

When it comes to choosing knobs or pulls it all comes down to preference some homeowners go with all pulls on upper, lower and island cabinets. Some homeowner do a combinations of two which is pulls on upper cabinets and knobs for bottom/island cabinets. Personally I will go with cabinet pulls on upper cabinets and lower cabinets and I will have cabinet knobs on the kitchen island. 



If you are looking for more hardware like this then please check out our main website 


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