The best cabinet hardware for your kitchen in 2023


Selecting the right cabinet hardware for your home can be a daunting task. There are so many brands and types to choose from, it’s hard to make sure you get the perfect fit for your cabinets. From vintage-style doorknobs and handles to modern, sleek pulls, let us guide you through some of the most popular cabinet hardware brands on the market today. Our comprehensive list will provide an overview of various styles and finishes available so that you can select the best option for your project. Plus we'll discuss ease of installation, quality construction materials and customer service--all essential components when shopping for cabinetry knobs and other accessories!


High end cabinet hardware brands

For those looking to find the best in cabinet hardware, two top brands to consider are Amerock and Top Knobs. Both of these high end brands are known for their craftsmanship and durability. Amerock supplies exclusive hardware such as handles and knobs in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit any home decor style while Top Knobs carries an impressive collection of traditional, modern, and transitional pulls, knobs, and cups. Browse the extensive selection from these trusted brands today to find a piece that will add a lasting touch of style to your home.


How to choose cabinet hardware

Selecting the right cabinet hardware for your home is an important step for updating a tired space. When it comes to choosing hardware that won't look dated after just a few years, pick pieces with timeless style. Look for classic shapes and finishes that won't overpower the cabinets, but also don't disappear. Consider color, size and structure—large or small handles can have a major impact on the overall look of kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Choose something durable that will last through everyday wear-and-tear and be sure to keep in mind how many pieces you'll need for all the doors and drawers in each room. With careful consideration and expert advice, you can find the perfect cabinet hardware to give your space an updated feel without breaking your budget.



Are knobs or pulls better for kitchen cabinets

Deciding between knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets can be a difficult task. Pulls, which loop around the entire cabinet door or drawer, offer convenience when opening with one hand and create a sleeker, more modern look compared to knobs. However, if you’re aiming for a traditional aesthetic, knobs may be the better option as they adhere more closely to designs used historically in home décor. Furthermore, individual knobs are typically less expensive than pulls, which can save money if there are many cabinets in your kitchen remodel. Ultimately both knobs and pulls can make great accents to any kitchen redesign – the important thing is finding what works best for your kitchen’s layout and design style.



Gold hardware for cabinets

There's something special about cabinet hardware with a golden finish. It offers the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury and elegant style to any kitchen, dining room or bathroom space. No matter if you prefer a classic, modern, rustic or eclectic aesthetic, gold hardware for cabinets can provide the perfect finishing touch to any design. From basic pulls to intricately detailed handles, enjoy browsing thousands of options available in every size and shape imaginable when it comes to golden hardware for your cabinets. Make your cabinets stand out and show off your individual style with statement-making gold finishes today.



Matte black hardware

Matte black hardware is quickly becoming the go-to choice for interior design projects of all kinds. From sleek and modern apartments to rustic farmhouses, matte black is the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed space. Not only does this timeless color bring an elegant feel to a room, but it also resists fingerprints and stains better than other finishes, ensuring that anything from kitchen doors to floorings has longevity. When trying something new in interior design, matte black hardware can be surprisingly versatile; its look works for nearly any style of home. For these reasons, many homeowners turn to matte black hardware for revamping their living spaces and creating beautiful homes everyone will admire.



Brushed nickel hardware

Home decorators seeking a modern, unique look for their furniture and cabinetry need look no further than brushed nickel hardware. This metallic finish is a popular choice because of its versatility; brushed nickel compliments both warm and cool tones equally well, meaning it works with any color and any style. Brushed nickel hardware is also a great option for those looking to modernize their homes without sacrificing durability. With its scratch and wear-resistant properties, this metallic hardware will last in even the busiest households.



cabinet knobs

Cabinet knobs are functional pieces of décor that can be used to add a unique touch to your home. From modern-chic designs to classic, vintage styles, cabinet knobs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching accent or something stylishly subtle, there is sure to be a cabinet knob that perfectly fits the bill. Not only do they look great but they also make opening cabinets easier than ever before. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect cabinet knobs for your space has never been simpler.


cabinet hardware modern

Cabinet hardware has come a long way over the years. You can now give your cabinets an updated look with modern cabinet hardware. From elegant and minimalistic designs to more ornate, decorative styles, there's something available for all types of homeowners. Wooden or metal knobs, chrome-finished handles, vibrant colors, intricate patterns and much more are all options for upgrading your cabinetry. Not only does modern cabinet hardware look nice, but it also makes opening and closing your cabinets easier than ever. Add style to your home today with modern cabinet hardware!


Take away 

Choosing the right cabinet hardware is an important decision that should not be overlooked. A cabinet's overall appearance can depend on the details of its hardware, so taking the time to find something that has your desired design and style is well worth it. When making your selection, consider the finish, size and budget, in addition to any other personal preferences you may have. There are plenty of options out there to choose from, so find one that meets your needs and reflects your personality. With some research and an eye for design, you can find ideal hardware that boosts the appearance of any cabinet or piece of furniture. Choose wisely and your decision will surely pay off!

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