The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Freestanding Tub for Your Bathroom

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Freestanding Tub for Your Bathroom


Few things have the timeless feel of a freestanding bathtub. Whether you’re looking for a modern, classic, or luxurious bathroom; there’s something about these tubs that will give your home a feeling like no other. So if you’ve been considering whether or not to invest in one for your bathroom remodel – you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide is the perfect starting point in helping you choose which type of freestanding tub makes the most sense for your needs and style preference. From how to pick out the ideal shape and size, assessing what type of material will look best in your space, knowing when it's best to get help from professionals - and more - by the end of this article, we guarantee that you’ll be well on your way towards selecting an item from our extensive collection that allows every aspect within its design space reign king. Let's begin!


Consider your bathroom space

Choosing the perfect freestanding tub for your bathroom is an exciting task, but it requires some careful planning. Measuring your bathroom space accurately and understanding the layout is crucial because it can impact the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. There are various tub sizes and shapes available in the market, and choosing the wrong one might leave you with a cramped and uncomfortable bathroom. Therefore, it's essential to choose a tub that fits perfectly in your space and complements the design of your bathroom. The tub's size and shape can also affect how comfortable it is to use, so picking the right one can make a big difference in your overall bathing experience. Remember, with careful planning, you can select a freestanding tub that not only adds elegance and style to your bathroom but also provides you with a relaxing and comfortable bathing experience for years to come.


Tub materials and finishes

Freestanding tubs offer a luxurious and elegant bathing experience. They come in a variety of materials such as acrylic, cast iron, stone, and copper. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. Acrylic tubs are budget-friendly, lightweight, and easy to clean but are less durable than other materials. Cast iron is durable and holds heat well, but it is heavy and can be expensive. Stone tubs are stylish and unique but require more maintenance than other options. Finally, copper tubs add a rustic charm, are easy to maintain, and are known for their heat retention qualities, but can come with a hefty price tag. Finishes can also greatly impact the appearance of the tub, with options ranging from a glossy shine to a hammered finish. Ultimately, the material and finish you choose for your freestanding tub will depend on your budget and personal preferences.


Style and design options

Freestanding tubs are a wonderful addition to any bathroom, and with the various styles and designs available you can be sure that there is one that fits your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Clawfoot tubs add a touch of old-world charm, while slipper tubs are known for their elegant curves. Pedestal tubs are a modern take on traditional designs and are perfect for those who want to maximize their bathroom space. No matter the style you choose, you will achieve great design if you take into consideration how the tub's style can complement or contrast with the overall bathroom design. With these options, you can create a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional.


Bathtub Faucet options

If you're planning on installing a freestanding tub, one of the most exciting decisions to make is which style of faucet to pair with it. While there are many options to choose from, the most popular types include wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and deck-mounted faucets. Each style comes with its own unique benefits and considerations for installation and plumbing. Wall-mounted faucets offer a sleek, minimalist look, but require careful planning to ensure that the plumbing is properly installed within the wall. Floor-mounted faucets are a showstopping addition to any bathroom, but may require more extensive plumbing work to connect to the water supply. And deck-mounted faucets are a classic choice that can be installed on the rim of the tub, but may not be compatible with all freestanding tub designs. Ultimately, the right faucet choice will depend on your personal style preferences, as well as the practical considerations of installation and plumbing.


Professional installation

When it comes to installing a luxurious freestanding bathtub, it can be tempting to take the DIY route to save money. However, hiring a professional for the installation can save you from a multitude of headaches and ensure a flawless finish. Installing a freestanding tub requires specific knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and support systems, which a professional installer has years of experience handling. Additionally, specific considerations may arise during the installation process, such as properly accommodating for the tub's weight and size, ensuring that the plumbing connections are secure, and the location of the tub does not hinder water flow. A professional can navigate these challenges with ease, providing you with peace of mind and a stunning new addition to your home. Don't take on this task alone- trust a professional to ensure a seamless installation.



Conclusion and final tips

So, you've read through the guide on choosing the perfect freestanding tub, and now it's time to make your final decision. It can feel overwhelming, but don't fret! Remember to consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and overall bathroom design. These factors will help guide you towards the perfect freestanding tub for your needs. Think about what features you want, such as a deeper soaking depth or a comfortable angle for leaning back. Consider if you need a bathtub with a low or high profile, or if you want a bold statement piece that stands out in your bathroom. With the right freestanding tub, you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Trust yourself, and follow your instincts - you're sure to find the perfect fit!

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