Top Kitchen Knobs and Hardware to Complete Your Dream Kitchen

Top Kitchen Knobs and Hardware to Complete Your Dream Kitchen


If you've ever dreamed of having a perfect, fully furnished kitchen, you know how important the right accessories are. Besides countertops, ovens and refrigerators, kitchen hardware is essential for every kitchen. In addition to cabinets and drawers, knobs and other small details can make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether replacing old hardware that no longer works or upgrading plain cabinets with more stylish ones, it pays to have options for hardware. 

Whether you want to create a vintage or contemporary vibe, there are plenty of ways to do so with hardware. From simple pulls on kitchen cabinets to drawer slides or even light switch plates, here are some tips on what kind of hardware you need in your dream home.


What are the different types of kitchen hardware?

The first step in choosing hardware for your kitchen is to decide what kind of look you're going for. The truth is, dozens of options are available, depending on your style preferences. Generally speaking, you will find five main types of hardware:


Cup pulls - Used on cabinets and drawers, cup pulls are ideal for small kitchens. Unlike drawer knobs and cabinet pulls, these have the smallest profile and are very easy to install.


Cabinet and drawer pulls - These come in all styles, from simple round or rectangular shapes to embellished traditional styles and more modern designs. Cup styles can also be used as cabinet pulls if you prefer a streamlined look.


Knobs - Similar to cabinet pulls, these resemble small plates that can be attached to the front or side of cabinets or drawers.


Cabinet and drawer handles - These are the classic brass cabinet handles mounted on the front of your cabinets. They may have a simple symmetrical design or ornate patterns for a more decorative look.


What are the different types of hardware?

Several types of hardware are available, meaning you can choose any style you like. Most of the time, however, design is more important than function. One key difference is the material used to create hardware. Consider window pulls, for example. While brass, copper and stainless steel all work for these, the ones made of stainless steel may be less prone to corrosion over time.


Types of kitchen knobs and handles

Using different types of hardware gives your kitchen a unique look. Beyond selecting knobs and handles for the type of style you'd like, there are also several factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Style: Different kinds of hardware are available depending on the material used. There's no shortage of brass and bronze options, but you can also choose from pewter or silver styles for a more modern look or antique brass styles for a more vintage look. Try to select handles that complement your kitchen's décor, whether antique or modern.


Material: Knobs and handles can be made from a variety of materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and pewter. Each metal has its unique characteristics and benefits. Brass is an ideal material for kitchen pulls because it's inexpensive, corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain


Brass: This classic style of hardware is probably the most common. It's available in various finishes, such as gold or silver to match any décor in your kitchen. Brushed brass hardware can provide a more modern look than standard polished brass hardware, which has a more traditional look.


Which should you choose: Knobs or pulls?

The choice between knobs and cabinet pulls is often a matter of preference. Most cabinet hinges have slots so they can be turned in either direction. Knobs are typically more decorative and less sturdy but can also serve as a way to prevent your knobs from getting lost.

If you're replacing old hardware and need to find the proper size, you can measure the depth of the opening of your cabinets or drawers, then choose hardware that matches the height. You may also want to select knobs that match those for your cabinets and drawers for added style points.



Tips for selecting kitchen hardware

Aside from style and material, there are several other factors that you should consider when choosing hardware. For example, if you want to stick to brass, copper or stainless steel for your cabinets, other features can also affect the shape of your kitchen. For example, is it important for your handles to be included in the design? If so, opt for handles instead of plate-shaped pulls. Also consider whether you need specific accessories like cork drawer pulls or antique-looking knobs.


If you are considering kitchen hardware for your dream home, it's important to ensure that these details complement the space's overall style. Hardware can be a much-needed change for a kitchen that seems worn out or dated and is an inexpensive way to give your dream kitchen a little bit of extra flare.


Top brands for your kitchen hardware

Amerock hardware: The Amerock company has been around for over 20 years, and is still going strong today. Their hardware is made in the USA and uses materials such as zinc, stainless steel and brass. They have many styles to choose from, so you can find the design you're looking for in a style that works with your kitchen décor.


Top Knobs hardware: In the top Knobs family are open, hand-forged brass hooks, which are available in many different finishes and shapes. There's a true sense of craftsmanship even when you look at their smaller size and simple design. Many styles are available in a variety of finishes for both antique and modern diners-there is one style that works to complement your kitchen.




Choosing the right hardware for your kitchen can be difficult, especially if you're looking to use kitchens in the style of bygone eras or you want your hardware to complement a certain style of furniture. When you're looking for the perfect kitchen hardware, several brands can help you make it happen. 





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